Post an item

All you need to do is simply add the item you want to rent, upload some photos and include some details about the product. Decide your pricing! Ask for a security deposit if you want. It only takes seconds to start earning from your item!

Confirm the request

Review the request via the email we send you. It is up to you to whether to confirm the request or not. You will receive an email notification about your confirmation.

Deliver the item

Arrange the delivery time and method with the borrower. You can deliver is face to face or you can ship it to the renter.

Get paid and evaluate

Now sit back and get paid! That is it! Easy peasy! Don’t forget to evaluate the renter.


Select an item

Choose an item you want among your hundreds of options! Use the keywords and zipcode to see your closest options

Submit a request

Found the product? Great! Start chatting if you have any question. Send your request to the owner. You will not be charged until you receive the confirmation from the owner.

Get your rental

Talk to the owner about delivery. Pick it up face to face or ask for shipping. If you pick it up, make sure to ask all your questions about the product, share your experience.

Return and evaluate

It was fun right? Just like all good things come to an end, now it is your turn to say goodbye to your item. Come back again for many other options…