We would like to mention our ground rules for our members to follow.
If we all agree on these rules, we will become good friends quickly!
We want to create a good friendship between our members.
Remember, we have a solution for everything, but not one for losing
a friend over a product.

Trust builds the foundation of our platform. Help us stay creepy free!

Protect the goods. Wouldn’t it suck if your neighbor damaged your favorite camera?
Yea, so don’t damage things!

Respect one another. No barking at your neighbor’s comments.

Communicate clearly during unexpected changes. If something comes up, make sure the other party knows about it… Communication is key kids!

Develop empathy during your delivery… Try to be punctual when you make deliveries face-to-face. Time is the most valuable thing, please do not waste anyone’s precious time by being late.

Share your feedback with us… Any feedback counts! It is important for us to hear from you… The purpose of this platform is to help each other. If we know more about your experience, we can do better..

Last but not least, please use the platform for the purpose it serves: renting, borrowing, and networking!

Friendly reminder: if you can’t follow these rules, you can’t sit with us!

Welcome to Renters Bay platform…